Sales Point

SalesPoint simplifies business operations by integrating sales and collection tracking with advanced navigation, empowering users to efficiently manage operations and strengthen customer relationships.

Sales Point

Sales Point is a comprehensive solution that simplifies business operations by seamlessly integrating sales and collection tracking with advanced navigation features. This innovative platform empowers users to efficiently manage their operations and strengthen customer relationships, driving success in today’s competitive landscape. Unlock success effortlessly with our innovative platform, enhanced by extensive reporting capabilities.

Sales and Collection Tracking

Sales Tracking

Salesman can record sales transactions directly on the SalesPoint app, streamlining the data collection process and providing real-time insights into their performance.

Collection Tracking

The app also allows salespeople to track collections, ensuring accurate record-keeping and enhancing the overall financial management of the business.


Sales Point’s customer visit tracking feature ensures accountability, as the system can record whether a salesperson has visited a customer or not, improving overall sales operations.

Key Features

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Shortest Route

Sales Point’s route optimization feature allows users to select the shortest route for efficient navigation, saving time and resources during deliveries and sales visits

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Longest Route

Alternatively, users can choose the longest route option, which may be beneficial for reaching a broader customer base.

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Versatile Navigation

The app’s maneuver versatility enables users to navigate through different terrains and obstacles, ensuring seamless and reliable transportation to customer locations.
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Efficient Mapping

Sales Point’s batch customer marking feature allows users to conveniently mark multiple customer locations on the map simultaneously, streamlining the planning and organization of sales visits.

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Improved Visibility

This feature enhances the user’s ability to visualize the distribution of customers, enabling better decision-making and route optimization for more effective sales operations.

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By eliminating the need to mark each customer individually, the batch customer marking feature saves valuable time, allowing salespeople to focus on building stronger customer relationships.

Screenshots of the Application

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