TIDS Navigator

Tids Navigator’s cloud-based ERP software provides professional tracking and recording capabilities for all major business functions, including accounting, inventory management, production planning, data analytics, sales and purchasing, payroll, tax calculation, and reporting. With our comprehensive solution, you can efficiently manage and optimize every aspect of your business. Our comprehensive solution can address all of your enterprise needs and concerns, helping to streamline your operations and drive success.

Key Features

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Multiple users

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Multiple store locations

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Multiple currency

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User permissions

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Custom dashboard

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Add-on modules

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Data export & import

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Pop up & reminders

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Easy customization

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Mobile & Web application

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Keyboard & mouse access

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User friendly interface

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Multi company

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Intercompany journals

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Keyboard & mouse access

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User friendly interface


Improvement in Efficiency

ERP software helps businesses operate more efficiently by eliminating repetitive tasks.

Data Security

An ERP software development company that offers the latest technology ERP system improves data security & efficiency while merging data from various systems.


ERP implementation benefits include its cost-effectiveness. Yes, it will stop you from spending money on levels where committed staff is required and invest your money on software that saves time and money.

Comprehensive Reporting

With the fast and safe data flow of ERP software, each user can generate customizable reports as per their requirements, assisting them to make business decisions faster than ever.

Complete Customization

The best aspect of ERP systems is that they are completely customizable. Your company can select which modules are best for your needs and exclude those that are not needed.

High-Quality Customer Service

Using ERP development benefits you can create a more effective sales and customer service organization by integrating customer data, reducing manual processes, and improving productivity.


Multi Company

Multi Location

Multiple Division

Multi Currency

Price List



Location Transfers

Stock Adjustment

BOM (Bill of Material)

Production module



Screenshots of the Application

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